Current Projects - 2016 > 2019 Two Squares Lake Effect Project

Chicago, a city rife with socioeconomic disparities and conflicting political viewpoints, is also abundant with natural beauty. I seek to unite Chicagoans from different geographical locations through the widely cherished landmark location, Lake Michigan. The project will ultimately expand the worldviews of Chicago natives through a series of paintings, dialogues, art making workshops, and a final exhibition. The exhibition will display a collection of plein air paintings, painted at each of Chicago’s 10 harbors, offering a unique, but simultaneously all-inclusive perspective of the city from the northside to the southside.

A crucial element of the unification process, is the interactions I have with the observers of my creative process. I have been creating plein air paintings of the harbors for the last 3 years. Surprisingly, I quickly realized that one of my favorite aspects of this project are the encounters I experience with the many lake goers. I talk to runners, mothers, business professionals, children, and the homeless. From my experience, this project is an ideal way to connect with diverse people. It is also a unique and beautiful opportunity to teach art to the public.

Lake Michigan is an accessible space for many Chicagoans to gather for rest, recreation, and reflection. Each person who seeks the lake, selects their own land, activity, and perspective. It is human nature to carve out an individual space. This mirrors many of our daily interactions that fall into routines and slowly limit our mentality or viewpoint. The goal of the project is to unify Chicagoans around their beloved vistas, grow the presence of art being made in public spaces, and ultimately broaden cultural perspectives through the transcending beauty of art.

Visit me on site, schedule coming soon!